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Full Version: PS3 WorkStation / XBox Dox, why are these not happening?
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AS above - I reckon it'd be really neat if my PS3 could accomplish all my web-browsing including Office Live and Google Docs, and had a simple office suite for my day-to-day tasks. It has the power, it has plenty of storage (now :--P) etc. etc. ... I could leave my PC turned off most of the time, or transition it to being the 3+TB fileserver it's meant to be :--D.


Am I crazy, or does anyone else reckon it'd be cool?


The one thing that keeps popping up in my head is that as soon as you make any step into non-entertainment areas, certain PC-like expectations arise. But srsly, PS3 already supports various printers, webcams and the like and Microsoft is only the software giant. It can be made to happen - I just don't know why nobody's taken up the opportunity.



























ps3 move sports champions


ps3 ok


ps3 stand

The PS3 could run "OtherOS" previously:


.. but then Sony put a stop to that with later models of PS3.