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Full Version: XP and Longhorn?
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Has anyone installed Windows XP and Longhorn 4051 together on the same disk?


yes it works fine


just install xp first


then create a new blank partition or add a new hard disc


then run the longhorn installer and install on the new partition/hard disc


once done, you will be able to boot to xp or longhorn, but longhorn will be the default


you'll have to edit boot.ini in c: to change the boot order





Thanks, I will install Longhorn to another drive and let you know if I had any problems with it. It has 4GB on the seperate drive, do you think that will be enough? o_O



4gb is enough





Thanks :)

Quote:4gb is enough 



4GB for damn longhorn!?!?


i'm thinking about trying out myself. i dunno what the leastest pack/version. so i can download. what the version or pack it is?

Longhorn 4051 PDC version B)
Thanks mate :)
No Problem B)
Nice B)
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