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Full Version: install server, configure samba and raid 1
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<silent-> my company gave me a small project do in linux , i need you to give me some advice.

<silent-> basically its will be a file server and something like 5 users will need to access a shared folder

<silent-> 1- first i will need to install an os, i guess i will install centos

<silent-> 2- i will need to share a folder i guess with samba give it full control, then the user from windows machines can accept the shar through a mapped drive , example t:

<silent-> 3- i will need to configure raid 1

<silent-> 4- i wanted to know what are my recovery options, how do i do do backup, if something happend can i recover my system to another day ? is there a tool i can install that create an image and then when i want i can restore back the image.

<silent-> for step 2, and 3 i think i need a how to toturial step by step cause i never done that.


thanks a lot

Erm.. thanks for?


I'm not certain what's happening here...

i did everything..



right now what i need to know is...


i have 2 discs set with software raid1 ....


i want to clone my first disc to a third disc then put it that if my os get corrupted i can plug my third disc and i can boot with a working os...


i heard of clonezilla...


can someone tell me step by step how to do it..



Quote:i heard of clonezilla...

can someone tell me step by step how to do it..
Have you tried any of the guides linked from the Clonezilla site?


Failing that, you may want to consider reasons behind the cloning: are you doing this in the case of data corruption, in which case scheduled backups may be a better idea? If you are cloning purely for failure of one disk.. well, that's what RAID1 is doing, surely?


If it's OS corruption, booting from a rescue disk (CD/DVD/USB/network) to recover/fix the OS and access the data may be a safer option.