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Full Version: Think I deleted my MBR!!
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So I am a Freakin Genius!!

I am in a networking class and the next project is to set up a dual boot, fedora and xp. Well while playing around with dick management stuff in XP I noticed that there was a 500 MB sector, I believe it said unknown, I saw my Fedora partition and XP so I figured I did something wrong when I initially installed Fedora so I deleted the 500 MB sector. (MBR??) Now when I attempt to boot I get the GRUB command line stuff (sorry I dont really get Fedora yet) and cant do anything, cant figure out how to get to xp or fedora.

Can anyone out there help with this issue?? I've been searching google but havent found anyone as dumb as myself who's had this same problem.

that was probably your temp linux directory, you can boot from your xp cd and do a recovery to restore the xp boot loader, or vice versa for Fedora (reinstall fedora, should fix it)
Thanks for the reply Administrator, I will try that when I go back to class on Monday. Do I need to have a GRUB command line cheat sheet to get that going or do you think it will be self explanatory? Thanks Again for the help!

It could have been your /boot dir, which means you're missing some progs.


As Anyweb mentioned, if you've knacked your MBR then it can be fixed from the install media. If it's your /boot, then you may just need to shove a few progs into it (vmlinuz, initrd and the like).