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Full Version: Argument errors help please
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What am i doing wrong here?


usage: ****** [-h] [-t USER_TARGETS [USER_TARGETS ...]]

[-u USER_URLS [USER_URLS ...]] [-q USER_QUERY] [--loose]


[-bc BC_PATH] [-sk] [-k CLI_APIKEYS [CLI_APIKEYS ...]]



[-ch [CHASE_LIMIT]] [--power-chase] [--hide] [--debug]


******: error: argument -o/--output: expected one argument

root@kali:~# ****** -o -t -bc /home/kali/Desktop/

root@kali:~# ****** -t -bc /home/kali/Desktop/ -o


I get the same error message with the -o in either spot. I was modeling this after some tutorials where they had other flags, although not the -o, and it worked from what I could tell so I just replaced theirs with the -o.


Any help would be great.

Thanks in advance!!!