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Full Version: Change read write permission for partition
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I set my computer up as a dual vista ubuntu boot. I also created an extra partition into which I dumped all my old files from old laptops etc. At first this was all fine and I could access it no problems. However, several updates later the permission seem to have been changed and I can now no longer access the partition (although i can still see it). Bearing in mind I don't want to risk losing the data, how do i change the permissions so I can access the files again?


Thanks in advance

Where exactly do you 'see' the partition? Can you read the files at all, and is it just saving things that is the problem?


If you want to attach any screenshots of what is and isn't available to you, that might help.


Also, could you open Terminal from Applications > Accessories and run the following command:




This will show a list of the drives and partitions that are currently accessible and will help in determining what the solution might be. If you could paste the results of that command into your reply, that would help.

Partitions are usually mounted by the root user (or appear to be "owned" by root), so try one of the following:

- use the root account to change ownership (over to your normal user), once the partition is mounted

- use options to the mount command to make it appear that the partition is "owned" by that user:

mount -o uid=501 gid=1000 /dev/partition /mountpoint