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Full Version: Noob; Intermediate class?
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I've been using, or attempting to use, a Linux system since 2003 or so. It may have been earlier even as my first system was Ark-Linux and then I attempted to work thru the complexities of SUSE Linux 8.2.

I am now successfully using Ubuntu 8.04 and started out with Ubuntu's first release of Breezy Badger, I think it was!

I am interested in participating in this forum and using its many howto's and hints.

My actual name is Richard or Rick, but when it came to Linux I had to try it and thus I now tell people that they "gottatrieit", too! :)

Welcome to the forums!


If you're interested in contributing any HowTos - or improving/updating/reflowing existing ones - then feel free to go ahead!


I'm in the process of tidying up a few at the moment to try and consolidate the wealth of knowledge throughout threads into single-style announcements; we'd all appreciate any input others can give!

Welcome to the forums Rick! :)