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Full Version: Fedora 29
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Here a screenshot of Fedora 29. Nothing too fancy tho lol. I have not tweak much from previous version (28).

It's running Gnome 3.30.1

Firefox Quantum 62.0.3

and of course Terminal :)



Cool Desktop! How are you liking Gnome3? I was running MATE desktop before but I switched to Cinnamon a while back.

I have been with GNOME for the past, it seem functional fine, but not much of theme, tweak like GNOME 2.  I used KDE but hate it! lol. 

I use raspbain on Raspberry Pi, it using PIXLE it quick and lightweight DE.

Just a few tweak.

Dark mode of course :)


Terminal and Visual Code.

I use python code on here for my daughter's home work lol.

I added Dock at the bottom and it looks nicer <span>:) </span>