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Full Version: upgraded to IPB 3.0
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hi all,


finally after years of looking like this has had a makeover, as a result there may be some things not working properly yet so please be patient while I try to fix everything,


please report any problems with the new look here and i'll respond,


kudos must go to Invision for making this new board, it looks GREAT !!! and big thanks go to Hybrid for making the beautiful logos you see top left,


oh and do you like the new look ????




Damn, this looks sweet. Especially the logos. *cough* :)
Wow, it looks great. I'm going exploring.

I just did something really stupid and removed my photo (not avatar, apparently they're different) and it won't let me upload a new one. It comes up with a blank error message (like a red background box with a error icon, but no text).



Very web2.0 look!
Does anyone else notice that you can

works fine for me,


by the way tell me what you did with your photo and where, so i can test it to see if I get the same problem


also, did you reset the global template by any chance as I had added some google script and it looks like it totally dropped the changes


just wondering if its yet another bug

Yeah, sorry, I was trying to kick the portal into action for guests and thought the templates might be the answer. They weren't, so I assumed I was only rolling back my changes. Sorry.


I went into My Profile > Edit my Profile > Change Photo and then clicked Delete Photo. When I try to reupload any image, I get a blank error box. Permissions?

well i get the exact same problem, i'll have to check ipb's forum to see if it's a known bug and if theres a fix