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Full Version: *Help! Certain clients don't receive my emails?* :(
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Hello all....I use an email blasting software for my clients and newsletter and this is what happened: I was at my mother's house and accidentally used the wrong server (I do my marketing on a diff. smtp server) and after I did that when I sent emails to my mother's email address (with the isp she is with, cox) she would not receive my emails. I called my domain company godaddy and they said there was no problem on their end as I did tests and my emails went through. I called my mom's isp service and they said there was nothing wrong but to email this email address for "blocked" accounts and they never responded but the weird thing is when I send my mother email's, they go through if I send it from the "online backend" of godaddy rather through my MS Outlook. To make things of my clients who has TimeWarner doesn't receive my emails either!


The weird thing is, when the email goes through it shows as it has been sent and I receive no bounced back message! So far I know of only cox and timewarner but I don't know what to do? I looked at all the blacklists that I could online and it seems that our domain is not blocked (from what I know) and this issue has happened with multiple user emails (with the same domain) as for example my gf's outlook account on her computer does the same thing! As I mentioned, it works if I log-in on the backend of godaddy but not through the outlook. I don't know if there is a port being blocked or something that they may have sent somehow to my outlook so they recognize it's me? I know it sounds crazy and I am pretty computer savvy and I don't know what else to do!


Thanks again everyone...I use Outlook 2007 and I know my smtp settings are correct so any input or advice would be GREATLY appreciated. I have done some online research and tried to figure out what the basic steps may be but I really have come to a deadend. This has been happening for about 2-3 weeks now. Thanks again....and hope everyone had a great weekend!



i don't see what this has to do with linux exactly


can you explain ?


and is this 'email blasting' software spamming software ?


if so, you won't get any help here.... - sounds it.


Many ISPs use throttling and rate-limiting measures on their mail servers to prevent them from being overloaded by incoming floods. This defeats trojaned machines mass-spamming their customers, but also works the other way by preventing infected customers from spewing out infected attachments of their own.


If you're using outcrock to connect directly to your ISP, try flicking on verbose logging options and checking to see what that audit trail shows. If you can identify some of the mails by a unique ID within their headers[1] then your ISP could verify their mail logs and see if it was accepted, relayed or silently discarded (which many rate-throttlers do to prevent fake bounceback).


If you're running a mail server of your own, then check those logs - but you've not indicated you are.


[1] as far as I recall, Outpuke makes information like this difficult to find, presumably on the grounds that useful diagnostic information is considered way above the knowledge levels of their users and would only confuse them. Good luck with finding it.