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Full Version: RHEL 5.1 kickstart installation issue
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Hi all,


We were trying to install all RedHat family linux automatically by kickstart. All went fine except RHEL 5.1, though we were using same approach for all.

We first gave dhcp network in the kickstart file as it is booted from network. Then in the post installation script we are changing the network to static, by editing the network configuration files. But in case of RHEL 5.1 the newly created file(ifcfg-eth0) becomes a .BAK file and a new file with DHCP configuration is created on its own.

Whats more strange is if we overwrite the ifcfg-eth0 with the ifcfg-eth0.BAK and restart the network it works fine.


Is it something to do with firstboot. :(


Can anybody please help.