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Full Version: DVD-RAM corruption problem
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All of a sudden, one of my DVD-RAMs has become corrupted: attempting to mount gets


sr 1:0:0:0: [sr0] Add. Sense: L-EC uncorrectable error

end_request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 1644

udf: udf_read_inode(ino 411) failed !bh

UDF-fs: Error in udf_iget, block=139, partition=0


Partly because these disks are difficult to get, and partly because I don't like to give in, I'm trying to repair it. Here are the results so far.


fsck.udf is untraceable, although mentioned on some websites.


Using udftools to make a new filing system,

mkudffs --media-type=dvdram /dev/sr0

give the error "trying to change types of multiple extents" (why can't developers write English?)



growisofs -Z /dev/sr0 -udf

gives the error ":-( unable to open64("/dev/sr0",O_RDWR): Read-only file system"



mkfs.ext2 -b 2048 -F -F /dev/sr0

gives the error "/dev/sr0: Read-only file system while setting up superblock"


So, I can't access the disk because it's corrupt, and I can't repair it because I can't access it. Actually I can never mount DVD-RAMs other than read-only: I have to use the "remount" option to get them read-write.


Can anyone shed any light on this?


System: Fedora 8