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Full Version: Fedora 10 alpha ready for testing
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if you'd like to test drive Fedora 10 (cambridge) then now's your chance


here's the Fedora 10 schedule


Quote:2008-07-22 Fedora 10 Alpha freeze2008-08-05 Fedora 10 Alpha release

2008-08-19 Fedora 10 Beta freeze

Fedora 10 Feature Freeze--Planning & Development Ends

Fedora 10 String freeze

2008-09-02 Fedora 10 Beta release

Allow Fedora 10 pre-branch

2008-09-15 Final Development freeze

Fedora 10 Translation deadline

2008-10-10 Fedora 10 Preview Release

2008-10-28 Fedora 10 final release