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Full Version: Fedora 8 audio driver Question
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I was using fedora 6 32-bit, it has Realtek HD Audio manager installed. The icon for this Audio Manger was shown in lower right corner(Gnome panel) of the desktop by default. Recently i switched to fedora 8 32-bit. I downloaded Realtek HD Audio Manager for Linux and installed it. Although i don't have any problem with audio, I want to ask why the Audio manager application is not shown in my fedora 8 Gnome panel? Have i done something wrong while installation of the audio driver or it is like this in fedora 8?


Thank You :)

hi there,


pulseaudio was added to Fedora 8 so I wonder could that be part of the reason you are seeing things differently (apart from all the other cosmetic and other changes in fedora between those two versions