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Full Version: total wine noob
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Alright folks,


im a little new here, decided to use fedora for a while and wanted to install red alert 95. Ive read and it aparently works under wine. I managed to get it installed but when i went to run redalert 95 it froze just as it started to load anyone any ideas?


[Image: problem.png]



Does anyone have any ideas? Bare in mind im a total n00b at wine so ill need a little bit of explaining done :)

have you tried using wine version 1.0 ? (see wine news in todays topics)


also, i assume you are using Fedora 9 and that it's up to date ?




yup im using a fedora FC9 fully updated ill try wine version 1.0 is there a command to update it or will it have to be done manually ? btw you know me as adam1942 :P

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