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Full Version: avahi problem
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Hi there,


Before emerging GNOME, I had to add some USE flags they tell you to add in the handbook, but when i save /etc/make.conf and emerge gnome, it says something about circular dependencies, and that I can remove them by removing USE flags which trigger optional dependencies, so I removed the avahi USE flag, and emerge gnome worked, but there's a part where you have to /etc/init.d/avahi-somethingconfd start, and I have to rc-update it so it executes at boot-up but then bash says that its not a file or directory, and I know that because I didnt emerge it for avahi support, and I need it. Also, while gnome was being emerged, i accidentaly hit a button near the space bar, and at that time it was downloading something, and when i hit the space bar, the download just stopped (on 75%), and right on the second line, something else started downloading. Did portage just forget about the previous one, or did it start the same thing over again? What am I doing wrong?

Hi, OK so yeah circular dependencies are rare and as yet portage can't sort them. However the way to solve them is by doing what you did, remove the USE flag install. Then what you do is add the USE flag again and rebuild the package that have been altered:


# emerge -aN world


When you hit the space bar, yes it did continue, it didn't effect the installation at all. So don't worry about it at all.