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Full Version: Ubuntu Noob vs Error 17
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Greetings all.


I'm brand new to Linux and I've hit my first (technically 2nd) big snag. After googling around and overcoming the wonderfully entertaining "Error 18" villain, I rebooted only to get the much more wicked "Grub Error 17" message. I've googled around and there almost doesn't seem to be any single answer on how to fix this. I've tried a few different things and nothing's working for me. I can run Ubuntu from my live CD just fine but every time I try something to fix it, I reboot and ol' "Error 17" smacks me in the face.


Help would be greatly appreciated and guarantee you some good computing karma I'm sure.

hi and welcome,


it seems to be a common enough error in Ubuntu, are you dual booting into windows by any chance ?


please take a look at this post to see some possibilities for fixing it