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Full Version: wireless router and network help
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I asked this question in the other thread, but I see this is a better place for it. I am trying to hook in to my Belkin wireless router but having no luck. I've been seeing many folks mention that this is not an uncommon issue and often drivers need to be downloaded from the manufacturer's site? I went to the Belkin site and see a firmware and easy install wizard that I can click on. Do I use a wired connection when running the live ubuntu cd to download these items and then open them and follow directions a la windows or mac?


Thanks for the help, I'm enjoying this process, but it has its challenges. Peace, Bman

do you mean that you are trying to get wireless to work ? you shouldnt need to load any drivers for a router, but for a wireless network card you may need ndiswrapper to load the windows driver


take a look here at the first few posts