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Full Version: How to setup game server behind smoothwall
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Hi there,


ive been searching setup for orange-red-green,

and till now failed with my setting,

i hope u can guide me for setting the smoothwall for game server,


oh..n im using smoothwall

which smoothwall version are you using ? what game server are you trying to setup (so that we know which ports to forward) and why are you using green/orange/red ?


i've setup smoothwalls here with game servers behind the smoothwall with no problems at all using just red and green




im using 3.0 polar..

actually, b4 im using a router by set the dmz ip for my cs 1.6 server

now i plan to build a network firewall for my home network,

i already try use a green and red but my cs 1.6 server cant detect thru internet,

and green already can surf the internet,

did i miss something? :(


and thx for reply :)

youll have to forward the port RANGE for both tcp and udp to the local internet IP address for the CS server machine.


Quote:Note that the connection is only forwarded if the External source IP matches. If you leave this field blank, then any host on the outside will be able to utilise the forward. 

When an Internet host connects to this port, the connection will be forwarded to a host behind SmoothWall. The connection can be directed to any IP address and port. For example, suppose you wish to run a web server behind your SmoothWall. The web server is on your DMZ, at IP address You would forward from port 80, connecting again to port 80 on the


Ports may be specified either manually using a User defined port, or from a list in the Port or range drop-down.


To forward a range of ports, use the format A:B for the Source port. If a Destination port is not given, then the same port will be used on the target. So, forwarding, say 6667:7000 with no destination will use the same port as the connection was made for the target. The alternative is to specify a port on the destination. So, if you were to forward 6667:7000 to 7000, every connection on that port range would be on 7000. It is not possible to map a port range to another port range. Note that not specifying a destination port works equally well for a single Source port.

below is an example of a port range (for bittorent) and its forwarding all those requests from the internet to that local IP address on the green network


i dont know CS's specific port range(s) but i'm pretty sure it'll be a range with tcp and udp protocols




<a class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image" href="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_04_2008/post-1-1208199433.jpg" data-fileid="1052">[img]<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_04_2008/post-1-1208199433.jpg[/img]</a>

thx :)


ill try now.. :P