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Full Version: squid proxy- aloow a site to go directl to internet,HELP!
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hello, i need to make a site go directly to internet
without squid. The reason i need this. Since a school purchased full features from a
website. they opened the full features through their public ip.
The issue when using squid proxy users cant access full featured only demo.
if users configure their browser not to use squid proxy they can access full features
in the site.
i tried edit squid config and put these 2 lines but it didnt help, to allow this site
to go directly to internet :

acl direct-connect dstdomain *
cache deny direct-connect

acl sodmaya dstdomain
always_direct allow sodmaya

How can i solve this issue ? any ideas?


The first thing I would do here is temporarily set debug_options in the Squid configuration file to a higher level. I played with Squid a while back now, but I always found that it did tend to spit out a lot of useful information in the log file. If you set that and restart Squid and try to access the site in question, we will then get a lot more information that might help track down what actions Squid is taking, and in what order.


Also, could we see the whole squid config file (redacted, if necessary)? Perhaps this particular ACL is working, but it is being overridden by something else that is being given higher priority due to where it is in the file.