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OpenSSL In Fedora 8 - metalx - 2007-12-22

I'm trying to setup a radius server for some wireless clients, I want to use certificates for authentication. So I need to create a root certificate but I can't find the script on Fedora 8. Does anyone know if it's called something else or if I have to download it because I've been looking for it for some time and I can't find it. I used the Fedora 8 live CD for my install if that makes any difference.


Thanks in advance for any help.

OpenSSL In Fedora 8 - znx - 2008-01-02 is normally in the /usr/lib/ssl directory (I have also seen it in /etc/ssl/). If its not there then try doing locate to see where it is.


You might need to install the -devel package to get the script.