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DSL on PI - anil - 2007-08-20

I have a PI still working. cost my uncle $2000 + import duty to India.


32 Mb ram.

130Mb HDD. o_O Used to run win95.

32/8X cdwriter(last thing that was added).

I can BROWSE THE internet.

the power supply was replaced in 1999.

has a holtek ESA graphic card(1 mb).

motorola modem, yamaha soundcard.supports 2.1.

runs on DSL.


I also have a sinclair spectrum+.(In super condition).connects to my TV.runs qbasic.

cant find a good tape recorder for it. ;)

keyboard has 5 function for each key.And very ALien looking keyboard.

boots in 8 seconds max. :P


viva vista. 3 minutes on core2duo 2 ghz.1gb ram. 120 gb sata

would post pics very soon.