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Hey all - CrazyJ - 2007-05-17

Well I have been using Suse for about five days and I am now wanting some help... I am not sure about what I am doing, I have been able to install some programs and games. I am unsure about the "Konsole" I have learned some basic commands. No I am not getting frusterated, but rather only wanting to know how I can further my new found love! Linux has become all that windows could never do! Much more simple than a lot of ppl had led me to think. However learning a new OS is a task I am not sure where to begin, so some advise would be greatly liked! thanx for your time.

Hey all - CrazyJ - 2007-05-17

10.2 btw sorry for not including that

Hey all - anyweb - 2007-05-17

the best way to learn is to use the os, and when you encounter a problem, post about it here giving lots of details.,


then we'll do our best to help you