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I am a Linux Noob! - Matto - 2007-01-11

Hi everyone. I'm on my first linux installation right now, Fedora core6 on the first desktop that I've every actually owned myself. I'm 15 years old, and starting to get into the real computer world (kind of ...). I'm very interested in becoming fluent in Linux, and lots of other computer-related things. I've been in the IRC channel on EFNet a few times asking for help, and all the problems have eventually been solved. So yeah. That's me! Thanks for having an organization like this set up.

I am a Linux Noob! - anyweb - 2007-01-11

welcome to the forums ! and to linux :)





I am a Linux Noob! - xDamox - 2007-01-11

Welcome to the forum.

I am a Linux Noob! - metalx - 2007-01-17

Welcome fellow noob.

I am a Linux Noob! - criticalstealth - 2007-01-17

haha again, welcome fellow n00b show!

I am a Linux Noob! - znx - 2007-01-18

Quote:Hi everyone.

Welcome to the forums! Fedora is a great choice as a distro. Becoming fluent in Linux is all about working with it, reading documentation .. and most of all having somewhere to ask questions!


Enjoy :)