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possible downtime tomorrow - anyweb - 2006-08-05

hi all,


due to some electrical work being carried out in the house tomorrow, I may have to power down the server tomorrow,


this is a heads-up, if the power does go down, it will be for many hours due to the nature of the electrical work being carried out


i'll do my best to notify the IRC channel (#linux-noob) before the event and after (when it's back up)


Please understand that this is not avoidable and apologies for any inconvenience.




possible downtime tomorrow - anyweb - 2006-08-12

well the site was down today between approx 11am CET and 9pm CET due to the electrical maintenance work,


no data has been lost, the server was powered down gracefully prior to the work being carried out, and strangely enough the delay in getting it back up again was due to the switch dying,


it's an old 10/100 3com switch which obviously didn't like me cutting power to the entire house 5 times or so ON/OFF/ON etc... and now it's dead as a doornail, i've temporarily fixed things with a cheap 10 mbit hub which i will replace asap with a new switch


thanks for your patience and sorry once again for the incovenience