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Steam in FC5 - YeOK - 2006-07-25

Since I got so much info from this great site, thought I show a screen shot off Steam downloading games on Fedora Core 5 using Cedega 5.2.3..


[Image: steamfc5cedega5hu9.jpg]


Was easy to do so far, apart from remembering my username and password.

Steam in FC5 - anyweb - 2006-07-25

great stuff yeok, was steam hard to setup ? does it allow you to play halflife2 in linux ? tell us more !




Steam in FC5 - YeOK - 2006-07-25

It was as simply as installing cedega (after paying for it) and typing cedega SteamInstall.exe


Just waiting for it to download the games, once thats done I'll get you some more screen shots.


edit: Having problems with ATI drivers, it works but its a little slow on my machine.