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KDE Themes / Gnome Themes - xarquid - 2006-04-29

Does anyone have a good guide to Gnome and/or KDE Themes and how to install and use them?


I like a lot of the themes I see at * (i.e. but I download them and attempt to install/use them in the Look & Feel Options in KDE but they do not load/work when I select certain files (mainly XML). The same thing happens when I try to install/use them in GNOME.


Just wondering if anyone has a useful guide or site for either of those X desktop managers and how to use themes with them. Also, any other good sites with up-to-date themes would be useful too :)

KDE Themes / Gnome Themes - znx - 2006-04-29

Freshmeat maintain a good list of themes.. but you should be able to make those themes from kde/gnome-look to work.


[/url][url=] btw :P