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Linux Jobs/employment advice - inittux - 2012-01-17

I found something but it's dated from 2009: http://www.linuxjobs...70cd52c357.html


Might be worth a go and try to email and see what response I get.


Used google translate to translate it:


Linux Enthusiasts / Enthusiasts

Client Our client, a large hosting company specializing in managed hosting and co-location, we look, Linux Enthusiasts / Enthusiasts (Environment Haarlem) Function Are you a Linux guru, it is advisable to take a look at our other vacancies. We look for people with basic skills to level medior Linux (various distros \ 's). Our client works mainly with Ubuntu, so if you are familiar with it, that's a bonus. The work is undertaken on a large server farm and you work with a young team (average ± 24 years). Within this team you among other things, to build server, do OS installations and configurations, and correct your distortions (hardware & software). Requirements · Professional or hobby experience with Linux · Interest in network structures / hosting · Mimi · Fast Times MBO-werk-/denkniveau solution can work and think Employment · Maximum € 33.600, - gross per year, · Bonus, · Travel allowance, · Retirement Compensation, · Collective medical facility · Training fee (s). I Need People Now I Need People Now's mission is a good interface between job seekers and employers. For more information about us I Need People Now, by and for IT professionals.

Balance Sheet: Haarlem

Date: Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Job Type: Employee

Education: MBO

Relevant work experience: More than 5 years

Employment: Fulltime / Parttime

Organization: I Need People Now

Contact: Ronald Ecker Stein

Applications to:

More information:

Linux Jobs/employment advice - Dungeon-Dave - 2012-01-17

Sometimes, getting a CV together with a covering letter explaining who you are, your strengths, what employment opportunities you'd entertain, what your life goals/values/perception upon life is etc, then sending them around various job agencies means you're on their books for when vacancies drop in their lap and you'll possibly be considered automatically.

Just a suggestion.

Linux Jobs/employment advice - inittux - 2012-01-18

Good idea. Will take some time to write up one.