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installing debian the easy way with net install - jsn06 - 2005-08-26

you need at least a high speed bandwith speed with minimum adsl 512kb


1.go get yourself a debian net install .iso image from [/url] & burn it with you favourite burner.


2.i suggest a clean & full install without dual booting


3.change your bios settings if it hasn't been done yet, boot from you cdrom 1st boot or dvd-rom. you will get to see the debian logo & a line indicating to press F1 for help or Boot:


5: type linux26 just after Boot: or else if you hit enter you will boot with the 2.4 kernel & if you have a network connection with dhcp it will not be automatically detected,so be carefull & at the boot prompt type linux26. lets install debian.


7. follow these slides [url=]


8.when you arrive to Apt-configuration, choose ftp


9.configure xserver-xfree86,if you have an nvidia card scroll down & choose nv & the same you will still have to edit with vi /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 & modify certain settings,before doing that i suggest you cp /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 to your /home like this if you mess up you can copy it back & once in your /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 Section "Module" & check if the option Load "glx" is there,if not add it,then disable with a #or even delete Load "dri" & Load "GLcore"

reboot & you should be done. should be done & have a full install of a Debian stable operating Os which is kickass. :):):):) johnny06

installing debian the easy way with net install - znx - 2005-08-26

jsn06 :) nice and simple, maybe this could be an idea? walkthrough installs for each of the distributions?



installing debian the easy way with net install - anyweb - 2005-08-26

nice 1 jsn06


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installing debian the easy way with net install - donuts - 2006-01-24

hello everyone/anyone :)


I am currently trying to install debian (31r1) on my powerpc (apple mac powerbook g4), and the installation show minimal differences. So far no big issue. BUT 2 things are bothering me:


- i am installing off dvd, and it still want's to download stuff during the installation


- and the big thing is: IT WONT INSTALL A GUI !!!! Even though I follow your guidlines, and have a few gigs worth of packages on dvd's, it always installs 50 megs worth of basic packeages, then reboots into text mode...


as all of you, I'm a complete noob to this, and I wouldn't mind gnome to help me get going even though in the future, who knows I might be able to get by with text only...


I searched the forum for powerpc, and it showed no results, but I hope someone out there has an idea and is willing to share it with me.


Thanks so much (if this is not an appropriate place to post, please move me)