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Micheal Jackson - enigma - 2005-06-13

Do you think that the verdict was fair? please leave a mesage of what you think was accurate / un accurate about the verdict...

Micheal Jackson - znx - 2005-06-14

to say that the verdict was 'unfair' is to deny justice, this is the way justice works

Micheal Jackson - Oroshi - 2005-06-14

Can't decide it, but alot of rich people use money to lay off. it just because they want money not justic.


P.S. had to keep eyes on this thread because it could cause trouble. so admin/mod will keep eyes on it.

Micheal Jackson - seeno - 2005-06-14

The ones who decide what justice is are normal people, just like you and me, so "justice" isn't always accurate, because it's run by humans, and humans arn't error-free :).

Micheal Jackson - Ido - 2006-01-25

I think MJ is sucks!!!



let's keep religion etc out of




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