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Linux-Noob Meeting - grep420 - 2005-06-08

Pick one or make your own suggestion. Just trying to get ideas for a possible meeting in the future.

Linux-Noob Meeting - FluKex - 2005-06-08

Northern states, north eastern actually


mind you, if it was gonna be a crazy ass party week, and flights are cheap and i can crash at someones house and they can pick me up at the airport, i'd be up for heading to the US somewhere


unless everyone wants to come to toronto

Linux-Noob Meeting - KobrAs - 2005-06-08

well, all the locations should be OK for me, cause for me its the same thing. Its too hard to go outside of Romania... Too much paper work :)

Linux-Noob Meeting - FluKex - 2005-06-08

out of curiosity, when (if) we met would it be? cost is the main factor

Linux-Noob Meeting - grep420 - 2005-06-08

maybe we need to add when to the poll as well

Linux-Noob Meeting - lerum - 2005-06-08

Well I can afford a

Linux-Noob Meeting - znx - 2005-06-14

Quote:Well I can afford a

Linux-Noob Meeting - Oroshi - 2005-06-14

Hmm, this isn't easy but i choose england coz, easy access plus small contery. Flight cost