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install aol instant messenger - vinn - 2005-04-20

can anyone give me really good detail on how to install AIM on suse 9.1?

install aol instant messenger - anyweb - 2005-04-20

check if Gaim is installed,


if so, you have 'aim'


gaim can handle aim/msn/yahoo and many more


check it out





install aol instant messenger - iobrien85 - 2005-05-05

yes - if you are using suse 9.1, gaim is distributed as part of the package (Internet->Chat)

Gaim is a multi-protocol messenger and I actually go to school with the lead developer Sean Egan (Binghamton University) and it is pretty awesome.


However, it is the old version and you'll probably want to update. Here's what you do:


1) Go to the Gaim website [/url][url=]


2) Browse over to downloads.


3) You'll want to choose the AutoPackage download. Save it to your box.


4) Next, right click on the AutoPackage and hit the Permissions tab.


5) Place a check in the box "Is executable"


6) Now simply click on the AutoPackage and it will install very similarly to a window's installation.


Hope that helped! Any questions go ahead and email me.