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system maill? - veritas366 - 2005-02-20

Sometimes when I get out of X for some task or another I see the prompt "you have mail" . I can't remember how, but I was able to get a list of messages but had no idea how to look at them.


I assume these are messages from various processes, but I don't ever receive them. Is this simply the mechanism that puts things into the /var/log files? Or is there a way to look at these messages? I've just always been curious about that.

system maill? - FelixX - 2005-02-20

Usually mail is in text files in /var/mail/, just use your favorit editor to view them in an unpretty format, or install pine.

system maill? - xDamox - 2005-02-20

you can also just type mail and it should open your emails for you,

not sure if thats just slackware tho but give it a go :)

system maill? - seeno - 2005-02-21

Or, mutt.