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Which AntiVirus? - lerum - 2004-12-15

With my new PC, which antivirus is best?


I have no budget (everlasting supply of money :P ) I will be using Win XP Pro.


My current choice is Symantec's Norton Internet Security 2002.


Please help me choose :)

Which AntiVirus? - lerum - 2004-12-17



please reply ASAP B)

Which AntiVirus? - anyweb - 2004-12-17

if you are using windows XP then please make sure to checkout the following alternatives listed here




guess who created that domain ? ;)





Which AntiVirus? - lerum - 2004-12-17

what about 2005?

seeing as that is the one on the shelves. o_O

Which AntiVirus? - tek-69 - 2004-12-18

Quote:I have no budget (everlasting supply of money  ) I will be using Win XP Pro.

hello my new best friend, where did you say you lived again ? [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_dry.png[/img]

Which AntiVirus? - lerum - 2004-12-18

lol been saving for quite a while though. (not that rich really :( )

Which AntiVirus? - gus - 2005-10-02

i know this is an old thread but avg antivirus is awsom even if you do use the free trial. i've had WAY better resualts with avg as apposed to anyother (i.e. norton, mcaffie, other stupid virus programs)


good luck,



p.s. ad-aware is the best spywear as well (the free one is awsome too)

Which AntiVirus? - dasunst3r - 2005-10-03

Norton AntiVirus is the perfect solution for bogging up your machine. Also, I hear that it's a paper shield. I would suggest looking into something like F-Secure.

Which AntiVirus? - znx - 2005-10-05

AVG [/url][url=] Free Util, free upgrade, Cleaned all the viruses I've got, runs in safe mode too (why would an AV product not you say?, ask Norton/Sophos.. )


Also I'd suggest something like ZoneAlarm (

Which AntiVirus? - dasunst3r - 2005-10-06

I say that Norton and Symantec are very good paper shields. AVG is definitely the way to go if you have to get antivirus on the cheap. Otherwise, consider F-Secure.