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network slowdown - tek-69 - 2004-10-16

Ok here the situation, Currently i have one box hooked up to my cable net connection. It maintains my

website and the game i run. Recently i agreed to help out one of my musician friends and host some of his music. The problem I'm running into is when people dl his music it's slowing my game down. I guess my main question is, If i move the webserver to a differant box on the same network will this solve the slow down problem? The way i see it, is it's either my box can't handle both or my network can't. How can i determine where the problem is coming from?

network slowdown - anyweb - 2004-10-16

moving hi smusic to another box wont help, the only thing to do is get another adsl connection for his music, or get him to host it himself





network slowdown - z0ny - 2004-10-16

Or maybe limit the bandwidth for the music downloads... [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_ph34r.png[/img]



network slowdown - tek-69 - 2004-10-17

so where can i find information on how to limit the bandwidth for downloads from my webserver? is that

an apache config type thing or is it like more global than that ?

network slowdown - z0ny - 2004-10-17

It is "a bit" (:)) more global, read about traffic shaping here and here.



network slowdown - deraj - 2004-10-20

you might also looking into setting up monowall/smoothwall something along those lines ....



I just set one of those up at my house so when I was uploading stuff my little brother's cs ping wouldn't take such a hit, haven't heard him complain for a few days now!




network slowdown - anyweb - 2004-10-20



smoothwall seems to even things out nicely i have two smoothwall boxes running here and games seem to play very nicely through them.





network slowdown - beej - 2004-12-20

Hmm...if you had the money, why not set up an OC-3 fiber line and start your own linux-friendly ISP/webhosting? =]


Just a thought...