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Fedora Core 2 & Wine - enigma - 2004-05-27

I am wondering if anyone has installed wine on core 2 from source... i have done everything that is required in order to install it...Steps as following .



make depend && make && make install then the following wrror comes up:


after ./configure is complete the following message is given:


*** Warning: X development files not found. Wine will be built without

*** X support, which currently does not work, and would probably not be

*** what you want anyway. You will need to install devel packages of

*** Xlib/Xfree86 at the very least.


then once the install is complete there are no errors...

Fedora Core 2 & Wine - anyweb - 2004-05-28

heh, source ?


i just used an rpm


couldnt be easier !




ps your error is becuase you dont have the X devel files loaded, you can add them in add/remove packages/development....





Fedora Core 2 & Wine - enigma - 2004-05-28

Yeah thanks anyweb, I also install the X Devel packs (all of them) but still no luck so I am going to try that RH9 rpm you told me about :)

Fedora Core 2 & Wine - Oroshi - 2004-05-28

I am running Fedora core 2 and installed the apt-get. all i did is


# apt-get install wine


then done. now i have wine installed.


save time from hassle compliling