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Fedora 2 install says FC CD not in drive!! - halo14 - 2004-05-20

Hey all... I already posted this on LQ and haven't gotten much help though a couple of people have the same problem...


Quote:[Copied from my post on LQ]I spent all day yesterday downloading Fedora Core 2 and just burnt the ISO's after I got home.... Tried to install on my notebook.. 

HP pavilion ze5270

P4 2.4GHz

40 GB HD


Internal Floppy



Currently running FC1 fully updated... running perfect.... I use it for developing ColdFusion applications....


When I try to install Fedora Core 2... I get the usual boot screen... push enter..


Get the screen to specify language and installation source (text based not GUI screen) and after specifying installation source as CDROM (which is what I just booted off of) it says:


The Fedora Core CD was not found in any of your CDROM drives. Please insert the Fedora Core CD and press OK to retry.


I saw another post that someone had on redhat's website with the same problem on a Dell inspirion with FC2 Test2 and he ran ide=nodma at boot and it worked... no luck here.... any suggestions would be great... I'm REALLY looking forward to FC2!



I don't know what's up with this... I've tried boot params just as "ide-nodma" and "allowcddma" as suggested.. neither work... it's really bummin me out... anyweb, you seem like a pretty experienced fedora guru... but if you didn't run into this problem than you probably don't know how to fix it eh? Any help is greatly appreciated... I have to go to work... but I'll be checking back around 8:00...

Fedora 2 install says FC CD not in drive!! - anyweb - 2004-05-21

perhaps your media is not burned or downloaded correctly - it happens believe me,


make sure to do a md5sum check on your media before attempting to install


read this to see how to get your md5sum program


also, as fedora's own website says


Quote:Boot From the DVD or CD to Run the Installation Program 

The ISOs have an md5sum embedded in them. It is strongly recommended you verify the md5sum on any Fedora Core CDs or DVD you create using downloaded ISO images. This will ensure that the disk was burned correctly and prevent installation failures related to bad media. To test the checksum integrity of the DVD/CDs, boot off the DVD or first CD, and type the following command at the boot: prompt:

linux mediacheck


The checksum operation can be performed in any order.


To start the installation program, boot from the DVD, the first CD, or the boot CD made from the boot.iso image.

please check this before assuming you have a fedora problem





Fedora 2 install says FC CD not in drive!! - tek-69 - 2004-07-08

I've personally never had good luck with cd's, im poor an my cd-drive sucks ass. Any way if you still have trouble try throwing the iso's onto a disk and then just copy them onto the hd and install from there.

That's what i did with rh9 and fed-core 1(my pet name for *fedora* cuz naming an os after an ugly hat is silly). At any rate good luck.