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installing some shit - zeratuel - 2004-04-23

a friend of my did something trucked. So that when i run ps, last and who my comp is trucked. so how can i re install them ?

installing some shit - anyweb - 2004-04-24

please read the forum posting guidelines


after you have done that i'd suggest you get over to [/url][url=] and scan your file system





installing some shit - zeratuel - 2004-04-26

Okay sorry for not reading the guidelines. I have done that now, so will post better in the future.


Have tested chtoolkit now, but it does not work. It uses the cmd PS, and since that dosen't work on my computer i have a problem. So i need to find another binary for ps, where can i get that ? i run Red Hat 9.

installing some shit - jerrywilborn - 2004-04-27

try toms root boot. it'll at least let you boot up your system, mount your drives and try to look around.


might even try copying over a "known clean" ps to your harddrive then doing "chattr +i" to prevent other programs from modifying it.


good luck if you are rooted =( (not sarcasm)


- aeio

installing some shit - jerrywilborn - 2004-04-27

you'll probably want a url!