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XPDE in fedora.... - anyweb - 2004-03-17

have a look at this, i installed XPDE in fedora core release 1,


you can get it yourself at [/url][url=]


quite a nice 'xp' lookalike theme for linux, but seems to be a bit buggy


what do you think ?





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XPDE in fedora.... - rshol - 2004-04-05

How did you make it work? I'm running FC1 updated with KDE 3.2. I downloaded Xpde ran the install script as root and the setup script as a regular user. Then I changed the file initrcDEFAULT in the regular user's home directory to ./initrc and restarted X. I still get my KDE desktop and Xpde is not in the list of desktops I can load.


Any suggestions?

XPDE in fedora.... - anyweb - 2004-04-05

hmm its a while since i did it but i think i edited my dm sessions, i got it to list on the sessions screen but nothing happened when i chose it, so i edited /etc/inittab and changed the 5 to a 3, saved it, and then started xpde manually,


can't remember how, think it was .xinitrc or something


it's in the xpde readme anyway