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AOL DSL and Red Hat 9 - fourinjuly4ij - 2004-03-07



I'm new to Linux and to the board. I've always used Windows. My family has AOL DSL Broadband and I was wondering if there is a way to get it working on Red Hat. I've read some things about rp-pppoe, but I'm curious as to how it works and how I do it. Plus AOL DSL isn't static and I need to sign into my name with the screen name and password before my Windows will be signed on. How do I do this in Red Hat 9? If anyone can help, I'd be greatful.


- fourinjuly4ij


AOL DSL and Red Hat 9 - hijinks - 2004-03-08

you need to use the roaring penguin ppoe client



AOL DSL and Red Hat 9 - theshinydemon - 2004-03-13

has anybody actually got this working?? i want to use my adsl aol connection on fedora core 1 and am a bit apprehensive. i have the bt voyager modem shipped these days, is there a driver for such a modem, and will it be simple for me to connect???