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Just saying Hi - Digital Daemon - 2011-06-07

Hi Everyone,


I wanted to get with a group of Linux people that can help me get with this OS. I am an IT Guy, but I started taking class at ITT to get an actual degree and this quarter I have my fist Linux class. So I have a administrator level of knowledge when it comes to Microsoft, and a user level of knowledge when it comes to Mac. When it comes to Linux, I am at square one: running into all the noob issues (like: Where is the Device Manager? & How do I get a driver for my wireless network adapter?).


Anyways, looking forward to chatting some Linux with you all.


Thank you,

Digital Daemon

Just saying Hi - Dungeon-Dave - 2011-06-07

Welcome to the forums!


You'll find that - with your mac knowledge - you may pick up Linux much quicker than you imagined. Not because of the similarities between Linux and MacOS, but more for the fact that you've already experienced performing the same operation across two different operating systems, so I suspect you're not Windows-stubborn as most people I meet.


You'll also find that you begin to take a more perceptive viewpoint of operating systems - questions such as "Where is the Device Manager" becomes "How can I list and manage hardware on my machine"... you start to form an objective-based mindset, rather than hunting for a familiar tool, and suddenly you're exposed to a whole pile of other things.


One common annoyance is that in the Linux world there are many different ways of achieving the same thing. At least with Windows, only having one method pretty much centralises efforts around that one method. Although that may sound like a limiting factor, the advantage is that it becomes easier to support - Linux has so many variations on one simple theme that sometimes it can be frustrating hunting for that small glimmer of familiarity to show you the way.


Anyway.. you're amongst friends and helpers here. Don't be afraid of asking stupid questions - for every person who thinks "this sounds like a stupid question", you can pretty much bet there are another five thinking "I was about to ask that!"


Everyone's gotta start somewhere. Here's a good as place as any!

Just saying Hi - hybrid - 2011-06-08

Erm... what Dave said! :)


In all seriousness, I want to reiterate -- please do feel free to ask away and share the things you're learning as you move along. Linux can be frustrating at times, when there are real pockets of challenge still (wireless drivers can be one of these!), but it is also be really rewarding experience and you learn things that can be applicable to other systems (you might pick up some common command line stuff that is useful back on the Mac, for example).


Welcome to the forums. :)

Just saying Hi - inittux - 2011-06-08

Welcome to the forums :)