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+---- Thread: speed (/thread-3696.html) speed - anyweb - 2004-01-23

tell me what you think, and tell me what country you are accessing the server from please and what speed line you are using to connect to it




anyweb speed - Digerati - 2004-01-23

I have a good connection of 1000 k download so its fine for me speed - grep420 - 2004-01-23

Dallas, Texas - dual ds3 network with 6 admins on it. It is usually pretty fast for me, but sometimes I have noticed some pretty bad lag. speed - anyweb - 2004-01-23

any particular time/place ?


is it for screenshots or what


im serving this on a 2mb/400k line so the 400k is my upload and thats what you guys get to share :(




anyweb speed - gamekeeper - 2004-01-26

It seems fine for me.. every once and a while it lags a little, but its generally not a problem speed - Oroshi - 2004-01-26

I'm form UK in North East, I'm running 1mb connection, i don't have any peoblem with viewing on forums. but some time when there is about over 10 user it a bit lags but better than nothing :)


good work anyweb :)ya roxxor!


If you heared about BBB connection, it's give ya 10mb with 5 IPs