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my home network - morbondu - 2004-01-19

Here are a few shot of my home network.

You can see my great wiring, drilling, IT skills!!


Picture list:
  • Modem and Wireless Router

  • The wiring job

  • the closet w/ cables

  • the closet

[Image: g1.jpg]


[Image: g2.jpg]


[Image: g3.jpg]


[Image: g4.jpg]



my home network - anyweb - 2004-01-19

heh groovy, but quite a mess dude,


you should seriously consider re-organising your network cables and computers, i can imagine that fault finding a problem on your network is not a pleasant task :)


i'll post some photos of my home network shortly (the server setup), i'll take some pics today


but in the meantime heres my gaming computers and heres my office setup


Actually, a lot has changed since these pics were taken but it gives you a rough idea,


ive moved my two servers under the stairs out of harms way, one of the servers is my wireless 'access point' and it is also the backup web server, the other server runs this website and is also a ftp server (half a terrabyte).





my home network - morbondu - 2004-01-20

nice setup anyweb... nice, neat, and clean...