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irc commands - /shake/ - 2004-01-09

Yes can someone help me i need a list of commands for irc through linux? From user status like being idle to changing font color. Basically everything if you could help out

irc commands - Guest - 2004-01-09

hi shake and welcome,


im sure someone here will help you !


please tell us about yourself in hello

and have fun, and stick around! is young, but growing fast !

irc commands - lytez - 2004-01-09

Hey, shake..most irc commands are system independant, seeing as how they refer to the user...but, if you tell us which client you are using I'm sure we can come up with some usefull commands!

irc commands - /shake/ - 2004-01-10

well here let me start out from where i am. See my best friend is alot more experieced with computers then i am and he always knew linux and now he is running a server though linux so i connect to his server box by putty using ssh. But i am thinking about running it onn my comp but i want to get to know it more before i do that. But what i do know is that he is running BitchX and that i login to the irc server which is part of efnet but what i want to know is commands like to move around linux like minimizing quiting queries without disconnecting but type /quit i want to know the commands and what they do so if you could help me out i would appreciate it. Thanks

irc commands - lytez - 2004-01-12

Have a look at the BitchX FAQ, section 2 deals with windowing. [/url][url=] <- Enjoy!