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site wallpaper please - anyweb - 2004-01-01



please create a 'site' wallpaper that everyone can use if they want :)


3 resolutions as well and it must be based on the site logo (the hat etc...)


i wonder will red hat get annoyed with the logo ?





site wallpaper please - Oroshi - 2004-01-01

anyweb, i have design a logo for main site, like you want to change "hi" into LN. i have some transparent version for you to put your own background :)


It packed in zip file, because there is 7 different one.

site wallpaper please - anyweb - 2004-01-01

keep trying dude, i didnt really like any of them, nice work tho :)

site wallpaper please - gamekeeper - 2004-01-18

The LN that takes up the entire thing got a little old after the third one :\

site wallpaper please - kZo - 2004-07-10

When I get some time, maybe I'll work on something? We'll see what I can come up with.


Not sure if anyone is really even reading this post, but hey. I'll see what I can come up with for a site logo.

site wallpaper please - neurosis - 2004-07-10