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happy new year everyone - anyweb - 2004-01-01

hope 2004 is a great year for everyone !!





happy new year everyone - Oroshi - 2004-01-01

yeah I hope 2004 would be better than 2003 and 24 days left i'll be 24 years old. i'm getting old LOL well just a year older

happy new year everyone - grep420 - 2004-01-02

This is the year of the big 30 for me, so I am getting old myself. I hope you all have good times and great success this year.


- grep420

happy new year everyone - kZo - 2004-01-03

I'm a little late in adding to this, but Happy New Year guys. It's been a great year last year... aside from the ending. It looks like 2004 is going to be a year full of new starts for me.


2003 ended with a little turmoil, with the passing of my Girlfriends grand-father, but we are off to a new start and getting ready to run full guns!


Hope you all enjoy the new year as much as I.