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happy christmas from - anyweb - 2003-12-24

happy christmas everyone,


thanks for joining and thanks for being part of the forums,


lets look forward to next year getting better and better,


i hope you all have a wonderful christmas, lots of drink and fun and presents and some time to relax and unwind





happy christmas from - Oroshi - 2003-12-24

Happy Christmas to AnyWeb and all other people who hang out on this fourm.


thank you for setting up this forum it been helpful here :)


have a good time :)

happy christmas from - grep420 - 2003-12-24

merry xmas to you all.

happy christmas from - kZo - 2003-12-24

Merry Christmas folks. I hope that you all enjoy yourself. I'd invite you all to the Christmas party, but... I'm not having one. :(

happy christmas from - lytez - 2003-12-25

Bah Humbug!


No for real, happy christmas =)