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Car MP3 player. - kZo - 2003-12-17

I have given a lot of thought about this project. I think that I would like to go ahead and move forward with this.


Final Product:

A fully functional mp3 player for my car. That shuts down when ignition shuts off, and starts up when ignition starts. I want it to pick up where it left off. Starting off with the last song played is okay, but not prefered.



Currently I have a Toshiba P150 32mb ram. This has a tiny keyboard with ps2 eraser tip mouse. I would love to have this as my keyboard/mouse. I also have a 12-13" LCD that I would like to mount underneath my current stereo. Everything else, can be changed.


If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

Car MP3 player. - hijinks - 2003-12-17

[Image: ss04.jpg]




[Image: ss4.jpg]

Car MP3 player. - Digerati - 2003-12-18

Sounds cool and all but why? Why for one have a 12 inch screen on my dash, I need to keep my eyes on the f00ls in the road.


Two my cd player plays mp3's I find it hard to load a cd with 150 songs that I like as it is.


I would not want my lil 10 gig collection of mp3's in the car for me to fumble through. By the time I find something I will already be at work or my destination.


Just my 2 cents :)

Car MP3 player. - morbondu - 2003-12-18

all your questions answered

Car MP3 player. - hijinks - 2003-12-18

a well built mp3car system is not anymore of a hassle then changing cds in a cd changer. Plus mine did a lot more.


- wardriving

- GPS navigation with routing support

- TV during tailgating

- movies for passangers

- NES emulator for passangers

- interface to the ODBII port on my car

- so much more

Car MP3 player. - Digerati - 2003-12-18

Damn all that sounds awesome.. please tell more..

Car MP3 player. - splint0r - 2003-12-18

That system is PHAT! :) Do you use the pringles antennae for war driving B)

Car MP3 player. - hijinks - 2003-12-18

yes i do use the good ol pringles can

Car MP3 player. - lytez - 2003-12-19

There used to be a project called the E.L.M.P. which stands for Embedded Linux Mp3 Player, but development on it slowed down a bit after a bunch of alternative mp3 suites showed up on the market, I think it'd be perfect for your system kZo. Do a search on google.

Car MP3 player. - kZo - 2003-12-19

Excellent, thanks Lytes.


I'm really kind of wanting to move forward on this. I'm going to have some spare time to do some work on it soon. So.. <click> here I come.