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XFCE 4.0 - kZo - 2003-12-16

Excerpt taken from Linux Magazine.


There are a lot of great dekstop environments and window managers for linux, but XFce gets my vote because it's fully-featured, yet lightweight and speedy. When XFce 4.0 was released, I couldn't wait to take it for a test drive.


XFce is light, easy to configure, and fairly attractive desktop. XFce 4.0 uses the Gtk2 theme engine, has a file manager with Samba browsing capabilities, supports anti-aliased fonts, and offers a number of other plug-ins that you might find useful. Best of all, it's rip-roaring fast, making it a great desktop for older machines that bog down under GNOME and KDE.


The XFce desktop envirionment runs on Linux, BSDs, and other Unix-type systems with Gtk2, and is available under the GNU General Public License.


Head over to [/url][url=] for source code and a number of packages for SUSE, Slackware, Debian, and other platforms.



I just thought this might be an interesting article to post. I've not heard of XFce before, and the other day I saw a screen shot, and now today I recieved my Linux Maxazine and I was amazed to hear that it's making the "Zonker's Product Picks". So I just wanted to share this with you. Enjoy.


Also, I'll be installing XFce soon.

XFCE 4.0 - lytez - 2003-12-19

I've been using xfce for a few months is teh bomb! I'm pretty active on the board they have it's located at [/url][url=] Check it out...

XFCE 4.0 - kZo - 2003-12-19

That's pretty kewl. I like XFCE, i'll install it once an RPM comes out. Or when I have more time on my hands. right now i have flux configured to a T and I love it. :]

XFCE 4.0 - Oroshi - 2003-12-19

this drive me insane heh, coz i want to get the XFCE4 to hooked up.