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Good ones - kZo - 2003-12-16

Games have always been a little bit of a past time for me, however, recently I have not been able to read up on them. I'm looking for some games that will run on a GForce 440 mx 128mb ram.


I'm going to be installing a new Redhat box, probably running Fedora, and I'm interested in finding some new games that will run with the Nvidia chipset, and lookg good.


Current games I own.


Battlefield 1942, <---- Not sure if that runs on *nix or not.

Unreal Tourn. <--- I know it does

Unreal Tourn 2003 <---- I know it does

Warcraft III <---- Not sure

Ghost Recon <---- Not sure

Rainbow Six <---- Not sure


If you know, or have any suggestions I'd like to hear them. o_O

Good ones - anyweb - 2003-12-17

id be interested in seeing if battlefield 1942 works, i know there is a linux based server download so maybe it does


quake 3 works just fine and was relatively easy to setup, just make sure you have installed your nvidia accelerated drivers first






nvidia driver install howto here

Good ones - kZo - 2003-12-17

Sweet. that would be great if BF1942 would work. If they do have a server dl I might have to search around.

Good ones - Guest - 2004-01-03

BF1942 server is easy and good to setup on linux. It also works well over lan on nic or whatever :)

Stats is easy and Desert Combat works well. If you need any info mail me at


Linux Rules ;)

Good ones - anyweb - 2004-01-03

yup linux server may work for bf1942,


but the game itself, does not,


at least not as far as i know





Good ones - deraj - 2004-01-12

I'm on a gentoo install, and got bf1942 working with winex, it runs just as well as it does in windows. 100fps WUTE! :)

Good ones - GOD-CGS- - 2004-03-04

Delta Force Land Warrior using Wine





Also this works with Delta Force Task Force Dagger ( same game engine as LW )


+ some people have got the new one Delta Force Black Hawk Down working using this method but I haven't yet.

Good ones - mattman87 - 2004-07-13

war ctaf 3 does useing wine.

Good ones - tek-69 - 2004-07-14

dope wars for linux, this isn't a fancy game or nuthin but it's easy to find an rpm and it's great for when you feel like playing something simple an fun.

Good ones - DusanR - 2004-07-15

There are allso other verry good games running on linnux.


America's Army [/url]

Unreal Tournament 2004 [url=]


Those Games I Played A Lot, mostly all the time. B)[img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_ph34r.png[/img]